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Room of memory

Teatro Trianon Viviani

“I would like to thank Scabec and its president, Antonio Bottiglieri, for the attention and professionalism shown so far. With them, and with the invaluable help of Professor Pasquale Scialò and Dr. Maria Antonia Gregorio, we are working to create inside the Trianon Viviani theatre, on the first floor, “The Room of Memory”, based on an idea by Marisa Laurito, and curated by Pasquale Scialò.

An archive where the public can browse through scores and scripts, and go in search of authors, musicians and singers who have travelled through and who populate the world of Neapolitan music today. In the Room of Memory, tangible ‘Emotions’ will come to life, linked to listening to the cornerstones of our music, which is so loved abroad. The emotions that we will be able to create will also be designed for a foreign audience, and both professionals and enthusiasts will be able to browse together through an artistic and didactic documentation, which will make known the most important and fascinating moments of the most indicative and significant Neapolitan works; at the same time, they will be able to meet the extraordinary musical strength of our great authors and singers with targeted listening. Of course, documentary research will be allowed too.”

Marisa Laurito
artistic director

an idea by Marisa Laurito
curated by Pasquale Scialò
produced by Scabec

The Enrico Caruso Hall will become the “Room of Memory”, a public space to access the complete heritage of Neapolitan songs and musical cultures in Campania archived on the SoNa platform, Music context of the Arcca digital ecosystem, promoted by the Campania Region and implemented by Scabec Spa.

The space, curated by Pasquale Scialò, scientific coordinator of SoNa, allows direct contact with the various digitalized contents from the 19th century golden age to the present day: audio recordings, printed scores, autograph manuscripts, playbills, posters, theatre programmes, photographs, caricatures, footage and videos. Thanks to the presence of appropriate technological supports, it will be possible to enjoy this inimitable emotional asset of humanity on interactive tables and monitors.

Pasquale Scialò

Teatro Trianon Viviani
Teatro Trianon Viviani